Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Wild Wednesday on BreeFM and NowLive !

On Bree.FM tonight:

DJ JenniPowell - 4pm - 6pm Pacific
The Anything Can Happen Show - live from Jenni's new digs

DJ Glenn Rubenstein - 8pm - 10pm
Tune in for Glenn's informative rants and rambles and teasers about Redearth88, making videos, music, his insights into Lonelygirl15, Mothers' Day at Chuck-E-Cheese, and just about anything else.

The NowLive broadcasts will not be simulcast on Bree.FM this week. (A Turkey stole MicFranXon), but can be heard as usual on

F.O.B. Life - 6pm
featuring Yousef (Danielbeast) and his friend Reza in their 5th to last show planned for F.O.B. Life

RoyTheBoy's "FOB and LG15 Fan Chat" - 7pm
RoyTheBoy says "I've got some actual news today, so I'm stoked."

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