Sunday, November 18, 2007

BreeFM Sunday Sunday Sunday

Today on Bree.FM !!!

DJ JammyJams - 2pm
   New DJ Greg Gallows joins
   Bree.FM !

DJ Acid and Perky - 3pm
   Is ' the Perkster' a permanent
   addition to Acidfinger's show?
   (I don't know)

   Can Acidfingers come back from the
   fritos+nutterbutter singing of the
   'Friends' theme thrashing by QtheC on
   Friday? (doubtful)
   Tune in to find out.

ApotheosisDJ - 5pm
   Apo continues to charm the NFL widows
   with music from the 80's and more

DJ KennyMcE - 7pm
   KennyE will be on the air after Apo's show! (and may perform live as part of the set)

(Pacific Time)

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micfranxon said...

Thanks for posting Q!