Friday, November 9, 2007

DJ QtheC Friday 8pm PST - MadLibs GONG show

Tonight on BreeFM I'm planning to play some more SXSW tracks for your GONGing pleasure. You know how it works: I play em, you GONG em, I cut em off!

Also, as a break from MicFranXon's super easy and Deagol's super scrolling puzzles, I want to try something new... a game of MadLibs. So bring your nouns, verbs, adjectives, etc. and when it's all done, it will be up to you to identify the source of the story!

And yes, I'll also take requests as time (and my ability to search for things quickly online without crashing Winamp) allows.

EDIT: See the comments below for TRANSCRIPTS of the LG15 MADLIBS we created during the show!!!!!!


QtheC said...

We had some fun doing some LG15 madlibs tonight in #breefm. Words were contributed by Brooklynxman, HAMmy, hopefulsemblance, Kallenie, Deagol, SoneofaStitch_PJ, surealisticpill, and a few others in the main chat. (sorry to those I may have left out). I will post the results below...

QtheC said...


Jonas: Hi. I'm -- I'm Jonas.

Emma: I'm Emma.

Jonas: Emma, __SOLO__ to __TOLL__ you.

Emma: __HUGE__ to __JOT__ you.

Jonas: So ... What?

Emma: (Points to __ZITI__.) Well, why do you have a __ZITI__?

Jonas: It's a long __DOOR__. Um, I'll __OIL__ you later.

Emma: Ok. (They both __JUMP__.) Um, this is really __BLACK__ for me. Um,
__CAWW CAWW!__. I have a __GRANNY__.. Who's holding a __ZITI__.

Jonas: __OUCH MY EYE__! Well, yeah, I know. It's __CRAZY__.

And... I can __BURN__ -- I can __BURN__ it down, if it makes you more

feel more __BLUE__. I don't hafta. 'Cause I just kinda...

Emma: No! Actually I think it's actually __SWIMMINGLY__ __MOIST__.

Jonas: Really?

Emma: Yeah, I do.

Jonas: Oh, me and __A HARBINGER of DEATH__ are going to __FLOP__ along.

Emma: Really? Why do you have __ZITS__ with you all the time?

Jonas: Kinda. yeah. It's like ... I'm going to put the __ZITI__ down. I think it's ...

Emma: O --

Jonas: I'm going to put it down.

Emma: Ok.

(The scene changes from Emma's room to her __WAFFLES__. They are playing __SUNBURNING__.)

Jonas: So, __GOLFCART__! __GOLFCART__!

Emma: Ok.

Jonas: What's it -- __GOLFCART__ second? Number two? __GOLFCART__ dancer?

(Emma makes __BICYCLE__ sounds.) __GOLFCART__ __VW BEATLE__! __GOLFCART__ __BLIMP__, right?

Emma:No! (She makes __JETSKI__ sounds.)

Jonas's mom: __GOLFCART__ __JETSKI's__.

Jonas: __GOLFCART__ __JETSKI's__.. __GOLFCART__ __JETSKIS's__.. (They all __KICK__.)

Emma: No!

Jonas: __GOLFCART__ wars! __GOLFCART__ wars!

Emma: Yes! (They all __POUNCE__. Mother and Jonas high __138__.)

Jonas: Yes!

Emma: Woo!

Jonas: That was -- That was __TEPID__.

Jonas's mom: Yes. That was __FLOWERY__.

Emma: __AY DE MI__! Um...

Mother: Aw, I'm sorry, Emma. It's time for bed. (Emma __THROWS's__. Mother __SQUEAKS's__ and Jonas __HIDES's__.)

Emma: Right.

Jonas: Well, it was really, really __BLUE__ __FLASHBANG'ing__ you. And I had a lot of __TACHYON__.

Emma: I had a lot of __TACHYON__ with you too.

Jonas: Can I get a high __100__?

Emma: Aw, come here. (They __RUN__.) Okay.

Jonas: Thanks.

Emma: Thanks.

Jonas: Bye.

Emma: Bye.

Jonas's mom: Bye, __LOVER__. Good night, __SWEETIE PIE__.

Emma: Good night. __YOU ARE MY SUNSHINE__.

Jonas's mom: Sleep __MOIST__.

Emma: Ok. Bye. Good night.

Jonas: Good night, Emma.

QtheC said...


"LG15 Website Upgrades"

Miles says:

Hey Everyone,

I'm really __APATHETIC__ to announce that we've added a couple new

__PLASMA TV's__ to the website. lonely__Stalin__15 and Kate__GREASY__ are "__NUTTY__

shows" which means that the __NUTTY__ is just as important as the show that we

__SCREAM__. Unfortunately we've had very limited __BED's__ this past __19TH CENTURY__,

especially as it pertains to __GUM__ development and we have focused

all of our efforts on __JUMP'ing__ the show. __DILIGENTLY__ we've recently hired a

full time __BREE__ so we've been able to make __99__ __LAPTOP's__ and there

will be more to come. Here's what we just launched:

1) LG15 __BINGO__ is back! At some point we'll __FIRE__ an integrated

__BINGO__ solution on the website, but for now you can __CLIMB__ the

"__BINGO__" link and it will take you to an IRC __BINGO__ applet where

you can __GO__ a __BUILDING__ and __SKIP__ about the show. Here's a link for some

information about IRC so you can learn how to __JUMP__ it:

2) We've __FLUSH'ed__ the user __GERBIL__ pages. I had a __TAMPON__ with the __COLORFUL__ producers

of __BIZARRE__ videos on LG15 an __EON__ ago and told them that we would be __POKE'ing__

on the website to make it __TICKLISH__ for them to produce __SPANDEX__ shows in the LG15

__EIFFLE TOWER__. The new user __VASELINE__ now looks a lot like the homepage of

lonely__STALIN__15! When you create a user __VAN__ on LG15 you can enter your


__ELEVATOR__ (you can also __FLY__ "Edit __VAN__" to do this). This will

automatically __SING__ videos from your __HER__Tube __DOG FETUS__ and feature the most

recent video on your user __VAN__ alongside a widget to __CRY__ to past videos.

So... if you want to __EAT__ a "show," just __EAT__ an account on __HER__Tube that

you will __CATCH__ all the videos to and then __SHOOT DAMMIT__ a new account on LG15 (e.g.

"Battlestar"). You can then __SNEEZE__ this link around to your __MONGOLOIDS__ or __FLIP__ it

on the site. We are very interested in __FLUSH'ing__ more fan __SNEAKER's__ and will __TAILGATE__

them on our website in a variety of ways.

3) Finally I just want to __SLEEP__ the LGPedi__TOASTER__ The

LGPedi__TOASTER__ is a __23% fan-updated encyclopedi__TOASTER__ about the LG15 __ALASKA__. It needs

your help to __SLAM__! If you want to __RUN__ articles or __SMILE__, please contact

__englebert humperdinck__ ( or Zoey)

I can't overemphasize how __FUGLY__ the inter__SOCCER PLAYING__ and the __BROWNIES__ are to

this show. You're going to see a lot more __PANCAKES__ and show inter__SOCCER PLAYING__ in

the next __20000 nanoseconds__ and we will be __BEGG'ing__ to improve the website. Thanks