Wednesday, April 30, 2008

No show for RoyTheBoy

This is so very very last minute, but I will not be having a show tonight due to some life happenings and all that. But tune in tonight anyways and hear Glenn do his great show! Also, any DJs itch'n to spin a few tunes should hop on and rock it out.

I promise you all, my next show is going to be amazing!

Monday, April 28, 2008

StoneDog broadcasts from Wasmapolitan

Hey make sure you tune in tonight to my show!!! I'm going to playing songs from bands you haven't heard of yet but will soon love from a show you've never heard of but will soon drool for. As always you will have your mandatory monday Micheal Buble!!!!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

DJ_Waffle show cancelled for tonight.

Wouldn't you know it. The day I get my computer fixed, my internet connection goes down.

Sorry everyone. Hopefully I'll be back on air by next week.

Friday, April 25, 2008

Sorry Guy & Gals No DJ-KShellz Show Tommrow

I Am super Sorry to announce that i won't be able to do my show tomorrow. I will be attending a souther-belle garden party. So there won't be any jivin' and hip hopin' tunes to groove too. Stay Tuned because i might do a sneaky late night show tonight if my power isn't cut because of the 5 tornadoes an hour north of me. Well until next time ~Tootles~

Romy's Retro Dance Reunion!

It's less than fifteen minutes until Romy's super exceptional, out-of-the-ordinary Friday afternoon show, and it's still highly important you tune in! Shake your body with Romy and her rockin' dance music at 11am PST, today! Enjoy some of the greatest dance hits from 1980 through 1999! Its going to be Awesome to the rad power and Boss to the max!"

Thursday, April 24, 2008

MicFranXon tonight (Thursday) at 9pm Pacific

Hey Peeps,

I'm freakin' thrilled to return to the helm tonight on BreeFM. It just didn't feel right not being able to my show last week.

I'll be talking about:
- IRC Prom stuff
- 3rd Triad stuff
- This
- That
- The Others??

They'll be music, drinks for those who are legal to drink, commentary and fun times tonight at 9pm Pacific on Bree.FM! Jump into the chat tonight!

I'll see you all there,


Monday, April 21, 2008

DJ Hamster is Live in 10 min!!!!!!

Hey everybody, I am going live in 10, so come join us!. Come and hear all those amazing 80's movie theme songs from your past! You know you want to. SO HURRY!!!!!!!!

Saturday, April 19, 2008

Super Sunday on BreeFM, Now Made With 100% Juice!!

This Sunday on BreeFM:

First up Greg Gallows, or as he is also known, DJ JammyJams, will have a great set of tunes at 1PM

DJ Acid will be on air at 3PM with an awesome playlist, and hopefully not fapping in the background

ApotheosisAZ will be here at 5PM with his 80's show, now with 40% more nutmeat!!

DJ Heather had a prior family engagement to attend to and will be back next week with her awesome show, but in her spot this week is the wonderful DJPerks at 7PM

DJ Cloud will be here at 9PM Rocking your asses to sleep again, with possible rants in the future... you'll just have to tune in to find out.

Tune in this Sunday! BreeFM: voted best vitamin supplement by the FDA!
(not actualy voted on by the FDA)

Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Roy's Wednesday night show

Hey everyone! I (RoyTheBoy) will not be having a show this Wednesday. Like last week, I am without a computer. As such I can't transmit my amazing voice to all of you. But know that there are some plans in the works for my return show! There is a small chance I won't be back next Wednesday either. I will update you.

But fear not! Shelly is stepping up and helping me out. This Wednesday from 6-8 you can hear DJKewlShelly! Check her out, she always does a great job!


Monday, April 14, 2008

DJ Hamster Is Live In 30!!

Hey everybody,
resident hamster here. I would just like to invite ALL of you to my goodbye show! Okay I am only going away until Sunday, but the theme of my show today is goodbye songs! So come and say goodbye with!! And of course boooogie to the tunez! heheh HURRY!!!!!!

Keep It Shakin

Tonight I will not be calm! LOL After DJStone's earthshaking show prepare for more body shaking! Cause I will be hitting you like a prize fighter with dance songs, remixes, and of course mashups~ check it out 9pm


Move your a hem Monday!!!!

Get your rump on BreeFM tonight. Not only do you get the distinct privilege of starting your night off with DJPok and The Haminator this is a personal guarantee from DJStone himself that his show will cause earthquakes in Asia with the bumps that are getting thrown down. A little old school, a little new school a whole lot of booty shakin. You better pray that Sheetz is going to put some soothing music on cause I'm gonna have you movin so much you'll be panting like a fat kid climbing stairs (which is really hard. I know cause I hate climbing stairs and I'm a fat kid). BreeFM must have been converted to an ATARI cause it's on like Donkey Kong! YA HERD!

Saturday, April 12, 2008

Sunday, Sunday, Sunday! Be there!

This Sunday on BreeFM:

First up our buddy Greg Gallows aka DJ JammyJams at 1PM, can he top his show last week with the lovely Aja? Remeber anything can happen so tune in!

DJ Acid and the wonderful Perky are next up at 3PM

Retruning to the airwaves after his absence last week is ApotheosisAZ at 5PM with his always wonderful 80's show

DJHeather will be here at 7PM with her awesomeness of a show, who knows what shes got instore, tune in and find out!

DJ Cloud will be here at 9PM Rocking your asses to sleep. Why? Cause he can!!!

Listen with your perferred player

Join the IRC chat

Friday, April 11, 2008

The Season of Prom and Texas on BSG

Ok Friends and .. Well Friends. Tune in Satuday from 2-4 for the DJKShellz Show. I figured I'd give a glimpes of what topics I plan to talk er rant about .. Along with some Flippin Sweet Music..

Prom Night - Full Review of the Movie
Tax Season - And the Suckage of It all
Small Bio of Me and Texas - The Real Truth
Battlestar Galactica - The Begining of the End

Tune in guys and enjoy the sweet southern accent.

Thursday, April 10, 2008

Thanks A Bunch

I wanted to thank everyone that listened to my Impromptu Show last night. Due to Roy's computer being at the hospital. I hope everyone enjoyed my crazy taste in music because you will be seeing more. I especially want to thank Stonedog for popping my request cherry. If you want to hear my first Official Show tune in Saturday from 2-4 pst thats 4-6 central . It is going to be "Off the Chain".
Much Love

Wednesday, April 9, 2008

DJ_Waffle show cancelled for April 12th

Hey everybody everybody,

DJ Waffle here. Due to technical difficulties, there will be no DJ Waffle show this Saturday night.

I hope to have everything sorted out in time for next weeks show.

Stay tuned for further info.

On a positive note, there is a very good chance that Jesswaffle will be joining me again on air very soon. How soon will be determined by how long it takes to fix my computer.

Thanks to everyone who listens every Saturday and I hope to be back on air as soon as possible.


Monday, April 7, 2008

Super Secret Guest Show Tonight!

Alright guys, the day has come! Join me tonight at 9pm to find out who my super secret guest is! Join us for tons of music and fun! I hope to see you all there!


Sunday, April 6, 2008

Seckseh Sunday on BreeFM - You Can't Handle The Awesome!!!!!

Another Sunday is upon us, and I'm not sure you can handle the awesomeness that is lined up.

First up DJ JammyJams at 1PM
DJ Acid is next up at 3PM
Since the poor man has to work today, DJ Perky is taking the place of ApotheosisAZ at 5PM
DJHeather at 7PM with her flashback show to the year 1998
And although i have wicked allergies, I, DJ Cloud will be here at 9PM with my "Rock You to Sleep" show.... just don't expect a lot of talking!

Can you take the awesomeness? Prove me wrong, and tune it!!!

Saturday, April 5, 2008


Where were you in 1998? Graduating high school? College? Getting married? Going to Prom? Starting high school? Clubbing? Hanging out with your best friends? Join me Sunday night at 7:00 PM PDT as I take us back to 1998 with some of the most requested songs of the year. See what memories come back for you!