Saturday, April 19, 2008

Super Sunday on BreeFM, Now Made With 100% Juice!!

This Sunday on BreeFM:

First up Greg Gallows, or as he is also known, DJ JammyJams, will have a great set of tunes at 1PM

DJ Acid will be on air at 3PM with an awesome playlist, and hopefully not fapping in the background

ApotheosisAZ will be here at 5PM with his 80's show, now with 40% more nutmeat!!

DJ Heather had a prior family engagement to attend to and will be back next week with her awesome show, but in her spot this week is the wonderful DJPerks at 7PM

DJ Cloud will be here at 9PM Rocking your asses to sleep again, with possible rants in the future... you'll just have to tune in to find out.

Tune in this Sunday! BreeFM: voted best vitamin supplement by the FDA!
(not actualy voted on by the FDA)

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