Friday, October 12, 2007

REMINDER: DJ Jenna presents The Breecap Saturday 4pm - 6pm!

Hey guys!!

Starting Saturday, I'm going to attempt to start my first weekly show - The Breecap!

What is "The Breecap" you ask? Simple! I'm going to recap on everything new we've seen in the Breeniverse in the past week! That includes new lonelygirl15 videos, as well as Kate Modern!

This will also be a chance to hear the songs featured in the new videos! (That is, if there are songs in the video, and if I can get hold of them!)

The first hour will be dedicated to the recap, with the following hour being for your views, and requests! So get them in, or the second hour could be very quiet!

Want your fanvideos recapped in The Breecap? Contact me!

AIM: FairieJenna
LG15 Forum: Jenna
Or reply to this blog!
See you on Saturday! (And If anyone can post this on LG15 Today for me as I can't, that'd be great!)

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Jenna said...

21:57:14 populuxe - Movies
21:52:13 Shima - We Are All Optophobic
21:46:10 s . c . m i x e r - Lies On Lies (scmixer low punch mix) (ft. narva9)
21:42:09 Cargo Cult - Dirt
21:37:15 s . c . m i x e r - Lies On Lies (scmixer low punch mix) (ft. narva9)
21:31:54 oldDog - Don Quixote (ft. narva9)
21:26:43 United Spirits - Tears
21:22:14 Loveshadow - Crazy Love(Shadow) UK2NYC
21:18:08 Omni Vista - Heroes [Omni Vist ft Suzi Q]
21:11:10 charlie darker - Remember The Name (charlie darker remix)
21:06:49 Griffin House - Tell Me A Lie
21:01:54 norelpref - Emma
20:56:44 Pat Chilla The Beat Gorilla - ill Hustlin' (Still Remixin')
20:52:23 Amanda Kaletsky - Everything Lies
20:42:35 Falling You - An Angel Ameliorate
20:38:26 The Days - Kate
20:32:30 Mia Riddle and Her Band - Tender
20:26:48 Briareus - Pick A Scene (ft. bobbi)
20:22:57 populuxe - Everything Goes Wrong