Wednesday, October 10, 2007

I know I'm late.... Killthesmiley's ReCap

I know I promised to post a ReCap after my show, but I forgot until I went to bed...


I told everyone about me and the show, then I played some music.
LoveShadow- Shadow Games (Radio Mix)
Beyond Ash - Trail of Excuses
Alex - I Was there September (found on CCMixter)
Hedley - 321
and I talked some more about the ninja videos
and then i played more music
Code- Black As Night (found on CC Mixter)
then I talked some more
Acid Called in and said ... a word
Then we talked a bit about Becki kregoski and her character Taylor. I dug up some stuff and emailed a few people and found out that she's taking a break to focus more on school and another project. However I'm still waiting for confirmation from Becki herself. So this is just rumor right now.
And then Zoey asked me a million questions that I can't remember... One of them was Do I think Gemma is dead ( I actually can't remember if Zoey asked this or not....)
And I said No. And that I think that Gemma is back in London watching over kate, and Kate was actually Gemma's former Flat mate.
And then Quince Called in....but I can't remember what he asked.
And mic called in...and I can't remember what he asked (this is why I should TOTALLY write this WHILE I'm on air)
I also told you guys to check out MadV, Whatthebuckshow, Peron75 and perezHilton on Youtube! So do that!
Jared Sharff and the Royals - Shoot to Kill
Wintersleep - Jaws of Life
Sleeperspaceborn - Eyes Emerge (CCMixter)
Mauf - The Truth
Lemon Demon - Don't Be Like The Sun
Trifonic - Stranger from Below

Next week, I'm super excited! I've got some emails out to some bands from Halifax to get some mp3's that aren't even released yet. On top of that I have my eyes on a few youtubers.
I'm always looking for new quests to go on, so don't forget to send in your questions to me!!!
Thanks everyone for listening last night! It made me feel loved!!!

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