Thursday, October 25, 2007

"Maddison Night" starts this afternoon on BreeFM!

I'm opening tonight with a two and a half hour show, starting at 1600h PDT. Then at 1900h, we've got DJ Surrealisticpill, and then at 2000h, DJ Jeromy. DJ Marla is off this week, but you can expect her back at her regularly schedule time next Thursday.

If you've got requests for me, hit me up at or I'll be playing a large number of obscure covers from my collection tonight, a bit of nerdcore, some 80s, and whatever else happens to suit my fancy. Or yours, if you get your requests in soon and I have the music handy!

During the show, join us on, #breefm, for chat while the show is live.

See you all soon!

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