Saturday, December 15, 2007

Breecap Cancelled Until Further Notice :(

I was all fired up to do a show tonight, but now technical difficulties befall me! My chat just wont connect! If anyone knows how to fix "Unable to connect : null", please let me know and I'll love you forever!


maddemp said...

if you have a McAfee On-Acess scan, you need to disable it, because mine did that too for awhile.

QtheC said...

Jenna, we discussed the connections issue in chat. Maddemp posted on idea.

Some others have had similar problems intermittently. PJ had to reboot and was eventually able to connect.

Romy thinks she can talk you through the process of getting connected.

The concensus is that it is a Freenode thing, not just the java client or something like that.

BrightSilence said...
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BrightSilence said...

Apart from the mcafee on-access scan some of the older versions block irc traffic altogether as will some firewall programs. Also your browser might be preventing java applets to use the required ports.

I will always advice anyone with connection problems to try a standalone irc client first and work on any remaining issues from there.

If you don't feel comfortable disabling your firewall make sure ports 6660 through 6669 aren't blocked by your firewall. Same goes for mcafee antivirus.

If no software firewalls are installed your router might still be blocking the connections. As you can see this can have many causes which might not be so easy to fix for inexperienced users, I still hope this helps though!

<3 Romy said...

I am pretty sure I can help you fix your problem. You can email me at Just put the subject as IRC or something so I don't delete it as spam.