Saturday, May 24, 2008

Seckseh Sunday On BreeFM!

This Sunday on BreeFM:

We have DJ JammyJams kicking off the Sunday block at 1PM. I hear he like turtles and amazing music!

Don't miss DJ Acid at 3PM, with what we have heard will be his last show. Will he sing? Will he sing while eating stuff? Will he sing while fapping? Will he fap while eating? Tune in to see what he has in store and help make it an extremely memorable one.

ApotheosisDJ will be here at 5PM with his set of amazing tunes, make sure to wear your tin foil helmets!

DJ Heather is after that at 7PM with her set of complete awesomeness, that is pretty much just plain awesome.

DJ Cloud will round things out at 9PM with another attempt at rocking your asses to sleep!

Make sure you tune in to BreeFM this Sunday starting at 1PM!

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