Sunday, May 18, 2008

IRC Prom Recap

IRC Prom was AMAZING! It is a testament of one of the many things The Community can do when we work together!

We had 12 awesome DJs! Jessica Rose stopped by, so did Becki Kregorski, Maxwell Glick and KellyB! There were cool puzzles throughout the day, trivia questions, prizes, rap battles, and the crowning of the Prom King (ApotheosisAZ) Queen (Kira) Prince (Surfthetsu) and Princess (Maddemp).

Special thanks to all those who helped with planning:: Perky, kewlshelly and Kelseygirl15
Those who helped promote it: modelmotion, QtheC, JenniPowell, Betz28, Sheetzjunkie and Kira.

You all rawk my sawks! \m/>.<\m/


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