Saturday, March 22, 2008

Musical Journey

Join me as I treck through the decades of music. I'll be playing a wide variety of music from the 20s through today's music. 80 years of music in 2 hours! So please join me, this Sunday at 7:00 PM (PST) for a musical journey, following ApotheosisAZ's show.

DJ JammyJams at 1PM rockin' us like only JammyJams can!
DJ Acid (and maybe Perky too) at 3PM busting out mad tunes full of epic and win!
ApotheosisAZ at 5PM with his awesomeness of a show!
DJHeather at 7PM traveling back and forth through time!
and DJSheetz at 9PM rocking us out!

It's going to be an extreme and exciting Sunday. So put on your dancing shoes and come join us!

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