Wednesday, January 6, 2010


Hello friends, I am sad to report that this post is not about such happy making things as music, but in fact a necessary attempt to resolve some of the issues we have been having in our channel. I know that lately it has felt less like a community and more like a drama epicenter of people not really talking to each other, but about each other. It pains me to see our community so torn apart and I am committed to resolving the problems I can and making Breefm once again the place we all love to congregate and hear about awesome music. I want our community to thrive, not die down! In an effort to realize this goal I am conducting a town meeting of sorts. From today Jan 6th 2010 until next wednesday Jan 13th I would like all of you to send me an email at regarding any problems or grievances you may have about the channel or conduct in the channel. This is not a gossip session, or a means for personal persecution, however if you have specific problems with specific peoples conduct in breefm I would like to hear them. If you send me a grievance I would also like you to include a proposed solution to your specific problem or another you have seen, as well as any ideas you may have to help strengthen our community, this is everyones channel, and we all need to work together to make our channel the best it can be. After I have read all of your emails and proposed suggestions I will discuss them with Mike and together we will come up with our own possible solutions and address the issues as best we can. On Saturday Jan 16th at 1pm Pacific we will hold a Breefm meeting, where we can politely discuss all of the things that have come from this, the direction we wish to go in 2010, and address what problems we can. Hopefully we can find a way to return Breefm to the awesome place we all want it to become :) Thanks guys!


*Thanks for all the awesome emails so far you guys! I am getting some really good stuff. I want to encourage everyone to send me an email. We can't fix a problem we do not know exists. Keep em comin!!

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