Saturday, January 16, 2010

BreeFM Town Hall Notes 1/16/10

In case you missed the Town Hall meeting, here are the rules and regulations we discussed and agreed to.

BreeFM Town Hall Notes 1/16/10

1. New rules & regulations - going to be posted on lg15today and then linked in the topic.
a. Treat people the way you would like to be treated, you don't have to like everybody but you do have to be civil.
- every email was about how people talk to each other
- just treat people nicely
- use your better judgement
b. If you have an issue with someone, talk about it with that person, in PM
- we don't all need to know about it
- don't argue about it in big chat because it makes everyone uncomfortable
- if you don't feel like you can talk to them, come to kira and mike about it and they will moderate
- there is a process in place for moderation
c. No personal arguments in the chat room.
d. . We are all representatives to the channel, please treat n00bs with kindness.
- welcome everyone, tell them what's up
- be nice, help them out!
e. A DJ picks their own show, if you do not like what the DJ is playing you can nicely suggest an alternative, however the DJ does not necessarily have to play what you want OR become a DJ yourself.
- if a DJ is doing a show, it's THEIR show! if you don't like it, then don't listen!
- if people don't like it and don't tune in, don't get mad at them!
- videos aren't necessary anymore, so generally don't link them. if you want to send it, PM it to the person you want to see it
- Can this all go without saying? Yes, but seriously, people need it in black and white. Some people might not realize that there's stuff that was a problem, and now they all know. and we're all on the same page.
f. When a Dj is on air, please do not post links containing video/audio in the main chat as it is disrespectful to the DJ, however if something must be sent to someone, do it in PM. It does not matter if the recipient is tuned in or not.
- (see rule e)
- when they're on the air, it's their time.
- they put time and work into the shows and it's disrespectful
g. If you have problems or concerns please feel free to talk to Station Management by sending email to:
- mike and kira will talk and figure things out about the problems

2. DJ Rules
a. When you are DJ'ing it is not your public forum to talk disrespectfully about community members.
- when you're a DJ, you're on the air. it's not nice to be talking shit about people
- if they are tuning in, or their friends are tuning in, you never know who’s tuning in
- this includes Skype
b. If you are DJ'ing, you are a moderator for the channel. This means you are repsonsible for enforcing the rules of the channel and will be held to a higher standard of conduct while you have the '@' by your name. The consequences will be harsher due to your operator status.
- you need to be rule number one
- you need to be respectful
- if you break the rules while wearing the DJ suit, your punishment will be more harsh because you're being held to a higher standard
c. Tags need to be correct
- mashups, DJName: Song title, (featuring) Artists

Open Floor:
1. KindredPhantom op's aren't supposed to be people friends, they enforce the rules
2. notgordian it's that the friendship shouldn't interfere with op duties
- you are neutral
3. immortal1 there's a difference between a bash and a rant
immortal1 a good editorial can be made without bashing

- Once a month - community events, i.e. prom, but maybe smaller
- everyone watch this movie that's on TV or a favorite book or something
- bring in new people - people who might not know about LG15
- DJ games: i.e. handoff shows
- decade shows
- if you feel like you can, donations are accepted to pay the station fees
- DJ guidelines will be posted for refreshers and for new DJs
- if there are problems, bring them directly to kira and mike
- if there's a problem, they will both know about it, don't expect only one of them to know

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