Saturday, April 25, 2009

Send in your Nominations for the IRC Prom Royal Court!

It is time to send in your nominations for the Royal Court for IRC Prom II: 2009 Homecoming. Nominations are open to everyone!!! Please submit to your screen name and the names for nomination.

King and Queen must be 18 or over
Prince and Princess must be 17 or under

Here is an example of the Best way to send in a Nomination:

Screen name = Community Name

King- Full Screen name
Queen- Full Screen name

Prince -Full Screen name
Princess - Full Screen name

The top 4 names of each category will be put into a poll to vote on 24 hours before the announcement. Feel Free to nominate anyone from the community.

Nominations are Open Now so send them in before they close on Thursday May 14th, 2009 at 12:00 PST.

On Saturday May 16th, starting at 12 noon, the voting poll will be open on the breefm blogspot page. Polls close at 9pm Pacific.

Royal Court Announcement will be made During Prom by the 9pm PST DJ.

Nominations sent more than once from the same email will be counted only once. Nominations sent in after the deadline will not be added to the talley. You may not nominate yourself. Please include your Screen-name, email submitted without SN will not be counted.

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