Sunday, August 10, 2008


Hey yo peeps,
DjKira here, yes your friendly neighborhood Dj with some very special news, THIS very tuesday i will be doing a show you just wont want to miss. why you ask? good question, well ill tell you why, DjRoyTheBoy will be here!!!! also my bestest friend maria, who as you all know is made entirely of win and wit. I've put together a show of happy songs, songs to say, bad day? NOCARE! lets dance! songs about good friends and good times to make you dance around whatever room you are in like no one is watching! I have a special prize to give out to one very lucky someone. maybe a few lucky someones! all in all its going to be a really fun show, and my three year old cousin says im batman cool... and i dont think you know this, but batman cool is better than spiderman cool. there is a fun time to be had by all!! hope to see you there!!


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