Thursday, September 20, 2007

Our NEW Home

BreeFM ( is run from the fans point of view in the Breeniverse, allowing fans to DJ and voice opinions, music, name it!

Together we exist like: LG15vids and video responses. :) See how they both go together?

DJ Updates!

JenniPowell has DJ'd her first official set for BreeFM yesterday at 4pm-6pm Pacific time! She rocked the house with her unique selection of music! W00t! She is presently developing a schedule so we will all know when to tune in and check her out.

QtheC got his feet wet yesterday working with me on his configuration, he took to the airwaves for testing and all worked out well, we look forward to his shows.

Jenna, whom you may know as CynnamonDolce from The Flock gets certified this week and we look forward to her shows as well!

Wanna DJ for BreeFM?
Just send me and email here with "DJ Application" as the subject and we'll set you up!

Looking forward to seeing more of you,


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